If you’ve experienced a tooth loss and you’re considering your options, it can be an important part of the process to compare implants or dentures. They are both different options that come with benefits and drawbacks. Read on to compare and consider which is right for you?


If you’re considering implants or dentures, there are many things that set dentures apart, and are unique to them.
Dentures are a traditional and often used choice. They are more budget friendly, and come in a variety of ways, from partial to full dentures. They have a proven track record of success over generations of patients. They do not require the same level of gum and bone health as implants do, and they are generally non invasive when being fitted and used. They are also pretty quick turnaround from consult to dentures in hand.

Dentures may, however, allow for continued bone loss. Dentures can need informed and diligent care to prevent any infections or issues. They may even need to be adjusted as you age, and bone loss occurs. They do also have a learning curve, where the patient must acclimate their mouth to the new normal. This can affect speaking and eating.


As you consider implants or dentures, understand that although implants can initially involve a surgical process, their outcome can be incredibly successful, with up to a 95% success rate for some dental offices.
Implants are long lasting, and can hold up for almost 20 years, maybe even more. They act, feel, and can be cared for much like your original teeth, they even assist in preserving your facial structure and helping maintain bone structure. But they do require a good candidate who doesn’t have a lot of bone loss or gum disease to begin with. And they may be more of an investment initially in many ways.

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