Has your dentist told you that you need a root canal? If so, you may be feeling nervous and you probably have a lot of questions. Let’s talk about some ways to prepare for a root canal to help you feel calm and confident when it’s time to go in for your appointment.

It’s Normal to Feel Nervous

If you’re feeling anxious leading up to your root canal appointment, that’s completely normal. A root canal may sound like an intense procedure, but the truth is that most people experience very little discomfort. If you’re feeling anxiety about it, though, one of the best ways to prepare for a root canal is to take some time to figure out what specific worries are causing your anxiety and talk to your dentist or endodontist about them. Your endodontist is here to help and answer your questions.

What Questions Should You Ask?

You’ll likely have an exam or consultation beforehand that will give you a chance to talk with your endodontist. If you’ve already had this appointment and are getting ready for the procedure but still have questions, don’t worry because you can always call the office with more questions that may arise.

It’s a good idea to ask your endodontist about ways to prepare for a root canal that they might recommend. Preparing is usually fairly simple and not much different than for a normal cavity filling in a tooth, but your dentist may have special recommendations based on your specific situation. You may also want to ask about aftercare, such as any food or activities you should avoid for the first day or so afterwards. Recovery is usually very quick, but good aftercare can always help to make you more comfortable.

Make a Plan With Your Endodontist

If you’re still feeling nervous, talk to your endodontist about how any discomfort will be managed during the procedure and any tips for at home care. It can help relieve many people’s concerns once they hear from their endodontist all that will be done to ensure their greatest comfort while the root canal is being done and to know ahead of time anything they may want to have on hand at home.

Practice Self Care and Create Space

The days leading up to a root canal can be tough, especially if you’ve never had one done before so are not sure exactly what to expect. This is totally understandable, so go easy on yourself if you feel extra stressed!

It may also help to plan some space around your root canal appointment to make the day of it easier, such as not planning any important meetings at work that day and giving yourself extra time before and after your appointment to rest, drink some calming tea and practice some grounding or breathing exercises. It can help you feel calmer going into your appointment if you don’t need to rush there or hurry to be anywhere afterwards, especially during the few hours when your mouth will likely still feel numb and it may be awkward to talk a lot.

Call Your Endodontist

Endodontists are special dentists who specialize in performing root canals and treating pain, so if you have any questions or new or worsening symptoms, don’t hesitate to call. They have a lot of experience, so the way that you’re feeling or what you’re experiencing is probably not new to them! Your endodontist is here to help and will likely be grateful to know your concerns and share additional ways to prepare for a root canal so that they can help make things go easier and more smoothly for you.

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