If your dentist has referred you to a dental specialist called an endodontist, you’re probably wondering, what is an endodontist and what do they do? These 5 facts about endodontists will help you understand what an endodontist is and when you need one.

1. Endodontists Study Longer to be a Specialist
Endodontists attend dental school for the same amount of time as regular dentists, typically 4 years. But after that, they must also spend an additional 2 to 3 years in school studying to be a specialist. This extensive education means that your endodontist has the most knowledge and training about the conditions and treatments they specialize in.

2. Endodontists Specialize in Root Canals
One of the most common reasons a dentist refers a patient to an endodontist for specialized care is when the patient needs a root canal. This is because endodontists specialize in the treatment and care of the root (or innermost part) of the teeth. While a regular dentist can sometimes perform a root canal procedure, endodontists perform them much more often, meaning that they have more experience and expertise in case a complication arises.

3. Endodontists Use the Most Advanced Technology
Since endodontists specialize in a specific area of dental care, they often invest in the best and latest technologies for that specialty. This simply isn’t possible for many regular dentists who need to practice a wide range of general dentistry.

4. Endodontists Specialize in Pain Management and Relief
One of the most important facts about endodontists, from a patient’s perspective, is that endodontists specialize in pain management and the diagnosing and treatment of difficult-to-diagnose pain. If you’re nervous about an upcoming root canal procedure or if you’ve been experiencing discomfort that doesn’t seem to go away after visiting your regular dentist, it may be time to see an endodontist.

5. Endodontists are Called “Superheroes”
One of our favorite facts about endodontists is that they’ve been nicknamed the “superheroes” of dentistry. This is because endodontists can often save teeth that would otherwise be lost. If you’re facing the possibility of dental loss, it’s good to know that an endodontist has your back and will do everything they can to help you preserve your beautiful smile.

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